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Ritesh Lalwani

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AIR - 1st in GATE & AIR - 6th in ESE - 2019

This is Ritesh Lalwani. I secured AIR 1 in GATE EE & ESE 6th Rank 2019. I studied at Bhopal from K. N. Rao sir. Sir has an immense knowledge about all Electrical machines starting right from basic magnetic field theory, phasors, construction, principle to applications and three phase system. He is very good in explaining each and every topic and is always ready to take doubts. For my success in every exam I took I give K N Rao sir credit for helping me learn the subject in this manner, moreover his classes are of great learning and it has helped me immensely in all the exams.

Gourav Kumar Mishra

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AIR - 22 in GATE 2019

I am Gurav Kumar Mishra and have scored AIR - 22nd in GATE 2019 (EE). KN Rao sir has always been the source of knowledge of the Machines Subject for me. They way he deals with the Subject brings a kind of enthusiasm towards subject. I am selected in BARC, NPCIL, IOCL, Power Grid etc., I have enjoyed the BARC interview which was for 87mins for me, as concepts taught by Rao sir is deep and clear to crack the so called, toughest interview. Currently am working as a Business Developement Officer in IOCL. Thanks a lot sir, Yours Obediently

Sachin Mahajan

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AIR-33 ESE-2019 | AIR-393 GATE-2019

Hello, I am Sachin Mahajan. I got AIR-33 in ESE-2019 and AIR-393 in GATE-2019. I am from Pune Batch of K.N.Rao Sir. In Engineering, I feared of Electrical Machines subject more than Electromagnetic Field theory. But when I met Rao sir, he started Machine with "Advaita Philosophy"(Everything is originated and ended at single point called Advait) and at end of subject, he had connected all the dots of Machines by his simple but sophisticated way of teaching. When I started solving GATE and ESE problems during preparation, it became very easy for me to solve them because of conceptual understanding of each term in problem statement. I give credit of my success to K.N. Rao sir, the way he taught us to see at exam or at life was helpful me during my whole preparation. Thanks a lot Sir

Meenakshi Khandelwal

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Research scholar IIT Delhi

Sir, its really great to hear this from you. I have attended ur lectures on transformer and induction machine. My dream of learning synchronous machine from you is about to get true and i am very excited about it. And as rightly said by most of the students you don't make us to learn rather make us to feel machines. Eagerly waiting for ur videos... Meenakshi Khandelwal, Research scholar IIT Delhi

Manas Kamat

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GATE 2020 Batch, Kolkata

I am a student of Mr. Rao Sir from Made Easy 2020 batch. Actually, we as students are not worthy of giving testimonials for such a respected teacher. But still I would like to say a few words regarding his unique & exceptional way of teaching. 1) As everyone knows, Machines is a very tough subject. But Rao Sir really made it easy. At times it was complicated but Rao Sir told us to have faith in him and in ourselves and one day you will surely get the subject. It is machines it will require some time. Many students have the fear for Harmonics. But he merged the topic so easily in the entire subject that we became very comfortable with it. 2) He didn't just teach the concepts, he taught us how to think in order to solve seemingly tough problems. We didn't feel the need to read any textbook because having attended the lectures, we were able to solve GATE questions and a few questions from Parker Smith as well. 3) Sir has vast knowledge regarding each and every subject in Electrical Engineering. 4) Many teachers teach limited to their subject and they refrain us from asking doubts other than their subjects. But Rao Sir urged us to ask any doubt from any subject in Electrical Engineering. 5) Sir also used to come extra hours and make us solve good problems in front of him. That was really a major confidence booster. Lastly, I feel very lucky that I was able to learn from him.

Prince kumar Piyush

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GATE 2020 Aspirant, Patna

This is one of your students of your recently completed Made Easy Patna center sir Sir your teaching style is wonderful as I am very much inspired with the way you motivate us to tickle our mind unlike conventional way of teaching what we say rote learning ..... Synchronous machine was a nightmare for me and you made it really simple sir . I am very much thankful to you sir


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GATE 2020 Aspirant, Lucknow

I'm an Electrical Engineering student from NIT Allahabad. I feel KN Rao sir's name is synonymous with excellence. I have never had a learning experience as exhilarating as it has been with KN Rao sir. I am very confident that no one can teach Electrical Machines like sir. He has totally redefined the way students approach the subject. He has truly been a guiding light, his words prove to be an ultimate source of motivation.

Sarvesh Vithal Ghadge

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Hello, I am Sarvesh Ghadge. I have secured AIR-1 in BARC as Assistant Scientific Officer. I feel very proud to say that my family and my teachers, especially K.N.Rao Sir have played a vital role in modelling my success. I consider myself fortunate for having such a kind teacher in my life. Sir taught us to feel machines rather than having passive approach towards machines learning. All my concepts regarding machines got very much clarity when analysed through Rao sir's point of view. This was a key factor in my selection in BARC interview which is considered to be the toughest technical interview in the country. Apart from technical knowledge Rao Sir is always there to motivate me which encourages me a lot.

Subrat Swain

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Hello, I am subrat swain and I have secured AIR-65 in gate-2019.I was taught machine by K.N RAO sir in my 3rd year of B.TECH.His style of teaching in subject like machine is very unique which one can't even get that feeling after reading any text-book.i still remember his word confusion is invention of new things which always motivated me.Most important thing what I found in his teaching is very application oriented,and even today I am also enjoying his machine videos and all the credit that I have learned in machine definitely goes to my beloved sir

G Shubham Sree

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Bhubaneswar GATE batch 2020

Sir ji want to say that, Machine is a subject which need lots of realizations and imaginations which is difficult to understand by anyone. You have made that process soo simple and soluble for us by making things easy to digest and the way you explain them by sooo examples, it feels like a machine is rotating in front of us. Thank you sir for dedication towards our future and for making us well being as a person.

Sumeet Kaldante

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GATE 2020 Aspirant, Pune

Hi Sir, Its from the bottom of my heart you are damn superb mentor. Because of you only today machine is simple for us... Specially Harmonics and reactive power. Thank you so much sir for making it simple. I am a big fan of you sir. We love you a lot sir

Anurag Chaudary Jaipur

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You are the best knowledgeable person I know so far. There's no one like you. We love the way you teach. You don't need testimonials. Where u go students will follow sir.

Hrutuja Tade, Pune

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What is unique about K N Rao Sirs teaching is the practical touch which they give to the subject.Its only the experienced person who can explain this depth.Best platform to learn !

Archit Krishan Kamath

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Ph.D. Scholar, Control and Automation Engineering, Department of Electrical Engineering, IIT Kanpur

The most feared Subjects of Electrical Engineering include Machines and Power Sustems. When i joined under Prof. Rao for my GATE Preparation in 2013, I wasnt aware that I would be taught by GOD Himself. We usually listen to miracles where students with minimal understanding get a professor who changes their lives completely. Prof. Rao was that professor for me. The examples he solves in the class make it look as of the GATE paper is set by him. Archit Krishna Kamath Ph.D. Scholar, Control and Automation Engineering, Department of Electrical Engineering, IIT Kanpur