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Ritesh Lalwani

AIR - 1st in GATE & AIR - 6th in ESE - 2019

(+088) 2957 439 sarlinemail@gmail.com

This is Ritesh Lalwani. I secured AIR 1 in GATE EE & ESE 6th Rank 2019. I studied at Bhopal from K. N. Rao sir. Sir has an immense knowledge about all Electrical machines starting right from basic magnetic field theory, phasors, construction, principle to applications and three phase system. He is very good in explaining each and every topic and is always ready to take doubts. For my success in every exam I took I give K N Rao sir credit for helping me learn the subject in this manner, moreover his classes are of great learning and it has helped me immensely in all the exams.

My Skills:

Accounting 95%
Reading 85%
Writing 88%
Speaking 75%


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