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  • Length: 720+hours
  • Till Feb 2022

Course Info:

The videos provided on the youtube are just demo videos. Complete GATE lectures are available in our website. We will continue to add more topics and questions to the existing course based on the need. You will be notified of the newly uploaded videos through email. You can watch them on our website using the username and password that will be shared exclusively with you once you are done with the registration. Every subject will have video lectures, practice questions and test series with detailed explanations. The subjects will be taught in such a way that the video lectures along with test series are self-sufficient for GATE preparation. You need not refer to any other notes or textbooks. You can watch the videos anytime, anywhere and any number of times as per the convenience.


You are supposed to have a good Internet connection to watch the videos. Please login as guest on this portal and take a demo to test if your Internet speed is sufficient or not. We recommend Internet connections of at least 1 Mbps so that you can watch the videos seamlessly.

GATE Syllabus:

Please find the complete syllabus (GATE-EE) . (This is GATE 2021 syllabus, we will update the syllabus once it is officially released by the GATE authorities. )

GATExcel Test Series:

For GATE 2021, We will launch the GATExcel 65 on 1st June 2020. There will be 65 tests which will cover the entire syllabus. The tests will be useful for you to evaluate your preparation. It will be of immense help, if you first watch the videos of all the topics of a particular subject and then take the test related to that topic. At the end of your preparation, you can take the full-length tests (multi-subject, Grand & Mock Tests). Once a test is released, you can take it anytime before March 31, 2021. You will be allowed to take a test only one time. For every test, you will immediately see your result as well as the explanation for every question.


Please note that the videos are not downloadable. Sharing your access or trying to sell or distribute videos is a legally punishable offense. Earlier we caught some people doing this and they were punished legally and a huge penalty was imposed on them.