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Commonly asked Questions

Student will receive the credentials with in 48 hrs from the time we receive an email regarding Payment.
In case you face any problems, you can email us directly to the specified email id. As such, no one faced any technical problems till now.
You can login as guest and watch the computer network videos here to test whether your internet connection is good enough or not. We recommend internet connections of atleast 1mbps.
It is not required that you watch them daily. You can do it at your own convenience. Any time, any place, any computer.
Yes, you will get the refund with in 24 hrs after the access credentials are shared. After 24 hrs, you will not be allowed for any kind of refund.

GATE/ESE Course Specific FAQs

Yes, test series will be provided from the month of JUNE-2020.
Most of the previous GATE questions will be solved in our video lectures.
Our videos will be self sufficient for the GATE/ESE exam, but in case if you get time, it is better to refer to textbook as well. It is not mandatory.
Student will receive the credentials with in 24 hrs from the time we receive an email regarding Payment.
It is just like a sport where a coach will help you cut short your learning time using his experience. KN Rao has helped many students achieve great success with his experience. Coaching will definitely help you save lot of time and avoid lots of mistakes. You might hear some people saying that you can crack GATE with out coaching but it is estimated that nearly 50000 students are taking GATE after taking coaching from some coaching centres. If you are preparing only for one or two years and if you are not taking coaching, it is like running a race while others are on motor bikes. People who are suggesting that you prepare on your own are not going to take GATE on your behalf. It is your life and we suggest that you do not take any chances.