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Manas Kamat

I am a student of Mr. Rao Sir from Made Easy 2020 batch. Actually, we as students are not worthy of giving testimonials for such a respected teacher. But still I would like to say a few words regarding his unique & exceptional way of teaching. 1) As everyone knows, Machines is a very tough subject. But Rao Sir really made it easy. At times it was complicated but Rao Sir told us to have faith in him and in ourselves and one day you will surely get the subject. It is machines it will require some time. Many students have the fear for Harmonics. But he merged the topic so easily in the entire subject that we became very comfortable with it. 2) He didn't just teach the concepts, he taught us how to think in order to solve seemingly tough problems. We didn't feel the need to read any textbook because having attended the lectures, we were able to solve GATE questions and a few questions from Parker Smith as well. 3) Sir has vast knowledge regarding each and every subject in Electrical Engineering. 4) Many teachers teach limited to their subject and they refrain us from asking doubts other than their subjects. But Rao Sir urged us to ask any doubt from any subject in Electrical Engineering. 5) Sir also used to come extra hours and make us solve good problems in front of him. That was really a major confidence booster. Lastly, I feel very lucky that I was able to learn from him.